ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System

The following points describe some of the major requirements and call to adherence for the ISO 22000:2005 standard.

Management Function

  • Under the management function, the system requires:
    • Commitment from the top management to implement the system.
    • Further from there communication, are also focused under the operation.
    • Standard also required the operation to include emergency preparedness & response to the situation where it will cause a halt in the entire production.


Human Resource Function

  • Under the human resource function, the standard involved:
    • How to ensure the staffs is selected with the right criteria.
    • To create competence check in their job scope, which helps to maintain the safety of the food operation.
    • To create infrastructure & suitable work environment for the operations.


Planning & Realization Function

  • Under the planning & realization function, the standard involved:
    • Creating safe product which involve the entire HACCP program (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) with assessing the risk, hazard & significant level of the individual operating steps.
    • Maintain an up to date product description with validated shelf-life report.
    • Maintaining a complete effective traceability system when any recall happen.
    • Also control of non-conformity when unsafe product is involved etc.


Other Requirements

Besides that, the entire system needs to be verified & validated for its effectiveness in implementation. This will involve the verification on the usability of monitoring equipments & all functioning equipments & also evaluate for further improvement in the system ensuring a safer food & effective operating procedure.