cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices)

In the food operation, operator follows procedures developed from the food safety management team. These procedures help the safe manufacturing from raw material into consumable food for human by following the best hygienic practices, where any microbial, physical & chemical contamination is minimised.

The standard is reference from the Joint FAO/WHO, Codex (Codex Alimentarius Commission CAC/RCP, 1-1969, 2003 rev 4) General principle of food hygiene program.

It involved the control of location, premises & facilities hygiene of the operation, maintaining on the hygiene of the raw material, food grade packaging application, introduction of safe portable water for cleaning & direct food consumption & having an effective recall procedure for both local & overseas market.

Maintenance program is also introduce to ensure good cleaning & sanitation program is effective, pest management program to control any pest infestation in operation, waste management to remove potential contamination material to the operation asap, an effective calibration & maintenance of equipment.

The health condition of the worker is another important area during the operation, where necessary instruction is given for any injury of workers & also the minimum requirement for health status for any operation workers & visitor.

Upon the delivery of product to destination, the product needs to have an effective traceability program for tracing the lot numbers, production date, customer base at the shortest duration.

Last but not least, there must be adequate training & retraining given to staff or maintaining an effective implementation of the safety program.